Serving legal requirements of individual and corporate clienteles, subjects raging from:

Corporate Law

Labor Law

Family Law


Immigration Law


Establishment and registration of new business including foreign investments (whether as corporation, partnership, branch, representative office or headquarters).

Securities registration and public offerings whether of equity or debt instruments (including listings with securities exchanges).

Appear and represent clients in intra-corporate or partnership relations before the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Act as directors, consultants, and corporate secretaries for clients. The work entails attendance at board and stockholders' meetings, counseling during the meetings, preparation and keeping of minutes, resolutions and stock transfer books, issuance of stock certificates and documentation of stock transfer transactions.

Drafting of business related documents including, but not limited to, sale of business agreements, shareholder agreements, agreements for the sale of assets and stock sale agreements.

Corporate dissolutions and liquidations.

Registration of intellectual property rights such as patents, copyrights and trademarks

Provide general corporate housekeeping services.

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Handles civil, commercial, and criminal litigation, both the trial and appellate stages and whether before courts of justice and administrative bodies performing quasi-judicial functions, arbitrators, including the following areas:

Commercial Disputes (including disputes in specialized business areas, such as banking, securities law, insurance, transportation, construction, intellectual property and asset recovery).

Civil Disputes (such as family and matrimonial relations, conjugal property regimes, wills and succession, and tort).

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Provide advice and assistance on immigration-related matters to individual aliens and to expatriate personnel of corporate clients

Assist in obtaining tourist, temporary visitor, prearranged employment, treaty trader, special non-immigrant, special investors resident, and quota and non-quota immigrant visas, alien employment permits, and special work permits, before the Philippine Bureau of Immigration as well as the Department of Labor and Employment.

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Legal representation to clients directly involving labor and employment laws in adversarial and other proceedings before the Department of Labor and Employment, National Labor Relations Commission, Bureau of Labor Relations, and other agencies having jurisdiction over employment relationship and labor standards.

Other services such as:

preventive counseling in personnel management

employment contract drafting and interpretation

voluntary and compulsory arbitration

illegal dismissal and money claims

unfair labor practice cases

other business reorganizations

mediation and conciliation

grievance handling

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Handle cases for annulment of marriage and legal separation, adoption, child custody and support and dissolution of conjugal partnership of gains. Represent and provide advice to clients with respect to gift and inheritance taxes, the preparation of wills and trust plans, and the administration of wills, estates, and trusts.

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